Thursday, September 30, 2010

This past week.

It's been five days since my last posting, and for good reason! This week was my official start for classes, and all of them have been bombarding me with reading to do. I've also be worried about getting my immigration card, but I plan on taking care of that tomorrow. They require either a letter stating that my money for the semester has been issued, and although I have something like that, I'm not sure if it will work. If not, I will then have to get a Bank of Ireland account and wait a week to transfer all my goods. I'm stressed out about it, because I was given three weeks to get it done, and next week is my last one. I should have done this sooner, but with classes and navigating the city, it's just been too much and not enough time.

Today whipped me beat. I had my first theatre course, and it was three hours long with an hour and a half's worth I've never taken yoga before, let alone done anything to stretch out my limbs (I'm stiff as a feather), so of course when it came down to doing the downward dog position, I nearly cried my eyes out from all the weight. On the bright side, I'm glad I get this wonderful opportunity to do extensive exercises in order to prepare my mind and body for the challenges ahead. My goal is to be able to touch my toes and bust out a performance that would make anyone proud. :)

This blog is not only to share with family and friends, but also to inform future study abroad students. For that purpose, I will now be adding more factual statements and tidbits to full fill that requirement. So from now on, each of my posts will include lists or interesting things I learned that day.

Facts of the day:
1. No one cares if you ride your bike in the street around Cork City. A man almost got hit and the driver didn't even bother to honk at them! I also saw a girl riding in the streets yesterday afternoon, and the cars just sort of drove around her.

2. Upon entering a cafe, office, etc, the person at the desk/counter may ask: "Are you alright?" This has nothing to do with how you're feeling, instead it means "How may I help you?"

3. Never ever hold a peace sign turned to the right. I won't even bother explaining the meaning, just don't do it.

4. Most Irish students know about America. Just say which state you're from, and if they don't know where it is, then do tell. But for the love of all Irish, never say you're American because they already can tell!

5. The weather is like Kansas. One minute it's cold and windy, and the next there's bright sunshine and you have take off your jacket. Rain comes and goes, but it never pours too hard. Mostly just sprinkles.

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