Thursday, September 2, 2010

Now I'm almost set! :)

Today I sold my icat football tickets, which was nice because I made some mullah, but on the other hand, I won't be going to any of the home games for the first time in three years. Which is even more disappointing knowing that I could have seen the UCLA game, but it was that game alone that pretty much made my ticket package a really sweet deal. Then there's Texas, and if we beat them a third time, those goal posts are going straight to the ground, never to be resurrected again...

This afternoon I compiled my list of things to pack, mainly clothing, electronics (camera included of course!), and all of my shoes. Which brings up the latest pair of shoes that I bought today, a pair of Sperry's Topsiders. I really wanted some slip on waterproof shoes, because the moment my flats touch water logged pavement, they are done for the day. Did I say day? Make that two or three, because anything wet get's absorbed by their all too thick cotton texture, causing me to sit there during lecture thinking how much I would just love to grab a bathing suit and call it good. It's one thing having to wear pants and a T-shirt with wet feet, but with a bathing suit you can get it soaked too, and then it just doesn't matter anymore.

You know how last weekend I was going to make pancakes? Well that never happened. I did end up making some very tasty banana nut muffins from a mix, but it still got complicated. The veggie oil in the top shelf was expired, and after finding the answer on the good 'ol web, it was determined that that stuff was done for. It would ruin my babies, so in it would not go. My major issue was that I had already taken the liberty of throwing in the milk, so what was a girl to do?

Up on the fourth level shelving unit was a bottle of olive oil. This one had to be googled, because olive in banana nut muffins? Yuck to my stomach. Yuck to my mouth. This bottle was more ancient than the expired vegetable oil, so I had to check out the answers for it, too. Away my fingers went, typing in the help I sought from Yahoo! Answers. Low and behold, it was safe for the first four or five years. I can tell you that this olive oil was at the very least ten years old. On the plus side, it was a great alternative, and since I couldn't find an expiration date anywhere, I figured it wouldn't hurt.

And so ends the story of my best muffins ever. They were finished off in three days (because George wasn't home when I baked them). I also learned that ten year old oil is probably not the best solution, but it makes for tasty bakery goods. So ladies of the kitchen, if you or someone you know is a lone wolf who forgets to sort out their old cooking ingredients, remember to google before throwing them out into the old dumpster at the back of the house, or that little tin pail you keep out of the way under the sink or in the dusty closet, because you never know, it could make for some awesome goodies that get eaten in three days. Yep.

So yeah, I was thinking about making those pancakes this weekend, but I'll be at Worlds of Fun all day Saturday, Sunday I'll be attending a fish fry, and Monday I'll be vintage shopping with a very good friend of mine. Weekends are the best time to make them, because I'll have help devouring the rest of the seven pancakes. There's also the weekend after that, my last one, but George will be gone Saturday and Sunday I'm attending the Ren Fest! Yay for fortune telling and foot long corn dogs! :)

I'm so happy to be doing things before I leave. Things that mean so much to me, because I normally don't get to do them anyway, so I'll have fond memories of home while I'm gone. Like yesterday, when my very close friend and I went out to see a movie, and then we had very yummy all American Winsteads. Sure, I'll have a blast in Ireland, but I will really miss greasy food, films I can understand, and those who have played a big part in my life. It's a big step moving far off into distant pastures, and I don't want to forget what I love most while adding a new chapter to my life, that's for sure.

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