Saturday, September 25, 2010

Huzzah! Found something to do. :)

Several months back I complied a list and posted it on Facebook. I had forgotten all about it until now, and I'm glad I remembered, because I figured out how to spend my afternoon tomorrow. I'll be taking a 36 minute walk up to Cork City Gaol, an old prison from the 19th century. It's located to the north of Fitzgerald Park, which I might also go take a gander at if the museum isn't too long.

I just realized while looking at the directions on google maps that I have already visited Fitzgerald Park when I got lost for the first time on my way to campus. It's a very beautiful place with a walking trail thick with trees and a giant bridge that takes you to the other side where campus sits. It sounds so pleasant right now, I almost wish it was daylight!

I spent most of my day taking a four and a half hour nap, and for the first time by myself I successfully prepared and cooked spaghetti. I celebrated with the worst glass of sparkling wine I've ever tasted (the alcohol over powered the grape taste). It's no wonder though, because I bought it at the grocery store. Next time I'll just buy some at one of the local wine stores up by UCC, which I pass by all the time. They have a deal where you can purchase five bottles of wine for twenty euro, but I think I'll just stick to getting one, since it would be a pain to carry it all back. :P

Right now I'm cheering on the Wildcats while finishing off this glass of wine. I can't believe we haven't scored once and it's already third quarter. I wish I could watch it but I don't have any access, and reading the comments box on ESPN just isn't the same. I hope we win though as always. GO CATS!!

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