Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One more week!

So, tomorrow after lunch with family, I'll be on my way to packing things up. I've already started putting clothes in my suitcase, and surprisingly enough, I'll be able to fit everything inside. This afternoon it donned on me that I can put stuff in the large outside pockets. The only thing I'm concerned about is if someone were to attempt stealing the contents of those pockets. Cork is a tourist attraction, and there's likely to be pickpockets looking out for unsuspecting international travelers. So I'll probably only stick things in there that are convenient to have, but won't cost me much to replace.

Since I'm pretty busy Friday through Sunday, I'll probably go ahead and pack a lot of things on Thursday, and then just check my packing list off on Monday. I'm traveling light (one big suitcase), and then I'll be bringing along an empty carry on to put stuff in while I'm over there. It's hard, because I want to bring a lot of my winter clothes, and most of them can go, but I'll have to be choosy in order to fit everything in. I will also miss all of my shoes...seriously, forget diamonds, shoes are a girls best friend! Although I rather do like emeralds...

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