Thursday, September 2, 2010

More on Cork

Yes, this is another post from the same exact day, if not ten minutes after posting my last one. Anyway, I forgot to mention information about my trip. I know, silly me, what is this blog for? Oh I know, me yammering away about how to bake muffins and take out the trash...

My landlord emailed me back with the information regarding my bed and where to meet up. My bed is four feet long (I'm really confused on that one), and I will be meeting her at my apartment to get the full tour. I'm very excited to view my living arrangements! The inside looks really nice from what I've seen (for those of you who have yet to see pictures):

I don't know what floor I'll be living on or what room number, but I won't post that here for safety sake when I do find out. ;)

My shopping will be heavy for the first day. I have to spend the 15th and 16th doing orientation stuff, so the day I get there I'll be buying a phone, and purchasing hangers, toilet paper, bedding, and anything else I can think of. I'm going to be so exhausted, for sure, but hopefully I can put up with it. I might take some posters with me, but I would be heart broken if I were to lose my luggage. I love my film posters, and to have them gone would mean spending 40+ bucks to order new ones, and I would rather not.

Anyway, that's pretty much all I have so far in regards to what's going on and everything. I'll post some more later this week.

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