Saturday, September 18, 2010


This afternoon I set out on an adventure to find Kent train station, only to end up getting lost for two hours. The main road that I went walking on was beautiful with lush trees, but to either side of me was large, crumbling factories that mimicked old abandoned concentration camps. There were fences with barbed wire and iron gates going down this dead end path. By the time I realized there was no where to go, I decided to turn back around. I saw a lady jogging who was happy to help me figure out how to get back.

I ended up at Parnell Place, but I thought it might be Kent Station. The lady at the booth said it wasn't, and so I went my merry way back home. I still had three hours to visit FOTA wildlife park, but I was too tired. I'm still too tired, haha. I'm glad I did it though, because it was somewhat adventurous and now I know where is what the next time I decide to attempt going there.

This afternoon I'll be buying curtains and somethings to drink. I'll probably heat up my macaroni and cheese meal for this evening. Tomorrow I'll try and find the zoo again, and hopefully it will be less crowded because everyone will be at the pubs for the big soccer day. It's a huge event for Cork, almost equivalent to our super bowl. I just don't like soccer, so I'll be doing some sight seeing instead. :)

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