Monday, August 30, 2010

15 Days

One day and two weeks before I'll be flying off. I'm currently more focused on all of the plans I have at home than I am about the trip itself. Once it gets to be about two or three days before I go, surely I'll start to get a little more excited about it.

In the mean time, check out these beautiful Forrest photos taken in Kilkenny:

Here's some that captures Cork city life:

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Officially enroled! (I spelled that correctly).

At least that's how it is written in Cork. I finally received my student ID and was able to fill out the online enrolment, which I was very glad to do. To finish signing up for my modules (courses), I'll have to do that while I'm at UCC for orientation.

I'm slowly prepping for my departure. I've ordered new clothes, a backpack, new boots (arrived yesterday!), and all of my make-up needs. I still need to purchase a converter for my laptop, and I won't be getting a phone until I arrive there, since the rates are cheaper that way. I may or may not have texting, depending on what phone plan I can buy. Cross your fingers, because I've become rather attached...

My knowledge of how to cook has grown over the past week and a half. I can successfully make spaghetti, bake corn bread, fry up some hamburgers, broil a chicken and simmer on the veggies. This weekend I plan on unfolding the art of pancakes, and possibly crepes, but only if I can find various recipes for all purpose flour, so that it won't go to waste! Random fact: I want orange juice now. Oh, and I seriously need to practice baking casseroles, because they are indeed money saving lifesavers of yummy goodness. The Everlasting Gobstopper for poor college students such as myself. Well, for three days worth of food that is.

The other day I was trying to find the schedule for my bus route, but the website shows nothing but a large, rectangular blank spot where it should be. It's some what frustrating, because I have to know the very next day when I'll need to be on campus for enrollment. I also emailed my landlord a week ago, and still no response about where I'll need to go in order to finish payment and gain the keys to my apartment. I'll probably contact her sometime next week. Probably.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

Adventures Ahoy!

I'm usually great at stumbling upon pictures and other tidbits of information that would be helpful and fun to look at. For some strange reason, I never even bothered to explore the University College Cork website, aside from trying to find the essentials (costs of food, housing, etc). That is until the wee early hours of this morning.

I came upon the neatest thing since sliced bread: virtual tour! Now I can see the UCC first hand without an extra trip, and you can too for those who want to share my experiences:

Oh, but it gets all the more better! For all of us freshers (the term used for freshman/new comers), this website also provides videos that direct us lost lambs to the most helpful parts of campus:

That's all I've snooped up so far, but fear not, for I will continue my exploration over the next few days. :)