Thursday, October 7, 2010

What a week.

Since Monday I've been down with a cold. Yesterday I spent most of my time in bed, but that didn't do much good. This morning I woke up with a runny noise and a slight cough, but I managed to get up and go to my three hour acting class. I'm glad that I've already done yoga once, because the second time seemed less tense and easier to deal with. Still a challenge, because I about passed out from all the downward facing dogs we kept having to do.

I've decided to drop my Italian film class. Having to fight amongst twenty other students for one or two copies of a DVD each week, plus the fact that I don't have enough time between classes on Thursdays makes it rather difficult to do. I dislike being late for things, especially when it disrupts class, so I think I'll just stick with taking 15 instead of 18 credit hours this semester.

Random facts of the day:
1. If you need a pharmacy, go straight to Boots. They have everything you need!
2. Blackcurrant is a very popular flavor here in Ireland. I just bought blackcurrant cough drops, and they're very tasty. They have a grape/raisin flavor to them.
3. Don't misjudge Cork weather. It rains when it's cloudy, it rains when the sky is clear, and it rains when it's sunny. So be sure to take your umbrella wherever you go.
-Don't follow people into traffic without looking first. It's very common for people not to mind the traffic lights and go walking across the street, and most times it's safe, but there will be moments when the car is turning right behind them. So pay attention!
-Coffee tastes horrible here, and everyone brews the same kind. Dublin happens to have Starbucks, but Cork is unfortunately deprived of this specialty. However, there is the Desk Cafe in the ORB on campus, which proudly serves Starbucks as well.
-Everything expires within 2-5 days at a time. Bread in particular. I've gone through four loaves in the few weeks I've been here because they spoil so fast. Keeping them in the fridge helps to maintain their longevity, but it's still hard to shop for one person. I did discover half loaves at the store the other day, so I'll probably start purchasing those instead.

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