Monday, October 25, 2010

Back in the Cork of things.

For all of those who love cheese on their fries: Don't order it in Cork, or any place in Ireland for that matter. Forget all that amazing, gooey hot cheddar dripping all over those tasty hot fries, because believe or not, this doesn't exist. When you go into a line peeping up at that sign that reads: "chips with cheese" do not be fooled one-single-bit. Instead of what your taste buds desire, those fries will come with shredded cheese sprinkled on top. Yep. There goes 50 euro cents down the drain, and not to mention, your hunt for melted cheese still persists.

This weekend I spent two nights and three days in the lovely town of Bantry. There really isn't anything to do in Bantry, except for a good two hours spent in Bantry House and some jumping around on stones near the ocean. There's also this amazing restaurant called The Brick Oven, which is a must go to place if you miss American pizza. Their pizza is the best thing I've ever had in so so long! They also have dessert, which is very tasty and includes Bailey's cheese cake, and chocolate fudge brownie sundae in a large glass. My friend Sarah and I ended up dining there twice, because their food is seriously amazing!

Also, the sad plan truth about living here is not being able to drink Dr. Pepper. However, out of all the places I've been, included the two largest cities in Ireland (Dublin and Cork respectively), Bantry, a tiny town filled with fish and amazing American pizza just so happened to have them in stock at the local Centra! You should of seen my face. In fact, I will later post my picture in this blog just to show you how relieved I was of my cravings. I even planned so much as to grab three or four bottles of this mana of life, but my bus was early and I didn't have time. So I pretty much had my one and only bottle of Dr. Pepper until I go home or find more of it in some teeny tiny middle of no where town. Please, oh please, let me find it in another teeny tiny middle of no where town...

Funny story happened while I was in Bantry. As the sun started going down last night, Sarah and I head for the beach. We were making our way around the outskirts, trying to get to the other side of town, when we were warned by a nice couple that the tide was starting to rise. Thinking nothing much of it, we kept going along. Eventually, we ran into a bush filled with bees, and since we didn't really want to go walk in the water, we turned back. After twenty minutes of hoping around on large boulders, we finally get back to the sandy beaches, where the tide has almost engulfed them completely. We make it alright until we hit a rather large branch that ended up in our way, and even further down the coast, there was still water in our path. So basically we had to pull off our socks and shoes, roll up our pants, and spend five minutes walking in freezing cold Bantry ocean water. At the time I was crying about how much it hurt, while Sarah was getting amused by it all because she's from Maine. In the end we made it, and I'm kind of glad it happened, because it really is a fun story to tell.

Well, I have more homework than time, and my mac n' cheese awaiting me. So bon voyage I go!

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