Sunday, October 10, 2010

Miserable weekend.

This weekend has been nothing but iffy. My cold has raged onward, growing worse by the day. I've learned that zinc and vitamin C is key, so I plan on venturing out today in hopes of finding these wonderful cures. Boots pharmacy should have them, and if for some reason they don't, I'm doomed. That's the thing about Cork, everything is in one place and if it's not're pretty much SOL. What? Sadly out of luck. ;D

I feel like a dirty hobo for living off the couch two days straight and it's about to be a third. My attempts at sleeping around 8pm were useless, and so I watched movies until midnight and was finally able to fall asleep. Then around 2am my roommates were being very loud, and it took me about half an hour to knock out again. It's difficult sleeping in our room because it's freezing cold all the time, and then there's the various sounds that stem from the complications of roommatehood. Yes, childhood is followed by adulthood followed by roommatehood and then you're finally out on your own, free to do as you please. That is if you make enough money to leave the roommatehood nest. Please pray for me that I may one day leave the roommatehood nest. Please, please, with sugar and an xbox on top. That is if your prayers for an xbox are answered. I really can't afford one right now, but do feel free to ask for a cup of sugar.

Please, unless you are an English major or deal with a major that involves reading galore, do not take multiple English classes at the same time. Due to my illness, I am still 300 pages behind and I don't plan on finishing them plus the additional readings that I have by Tuesday. If you are as healthy as an ox and never fall ill, then please do take these courses. I've had to do 200+ pages a week before, but it never occured to me that my work load was not going to be a walk in the park. I love my classes though, because they're very interesting but it doesn't help that I took more than I could handle. So just be aware of that...

Facts of the day:
-There is no such thing as personal space in any store. Think of it as black Friday meets Cork on a daily basis. If you're looking at something, don't be surprised when a large crowd starts to gather around you looking at whatever it is you've taken an interest in.
-Barry's tea is THE tea to buy. In fact, it will be one of the very few teas that you can purchase, unless you like Lipton. I'm drinking it right now in fact, with peppermint flavoring. :)
-There sadly is no Pillsbury doughboy goodies. However, a Ms. Betty Crocker is located in the bakery isle for your American sweet tooth. (I'm guilty...I bought cookies)!
-The 2 euro store is your wonderful friend. It has all your needs for cheap. In fact, it is better than our dollar store! I bought paper, colored pencils, snacks, and a pack of 20 papermate pens for only 10 euro. Normally that would of cost me about 25 dollars at home, and this was about 13 dollars in euro.
-Vanilla extract isn't with the spice rack. It's near the flour in the bakery isle.
-Jellies and jams are usually placed by the breads from the bakery inside the store.
-Ziplock bags are meanies. It took me two trips to the store to find them, and even then I couldn't do it without asking for help. They're hiding with the paper goods and trash bags.
-Gas stations are called "Petrol."
-Don't be alarmed when the River Lee surpasses the foundation of the bridge. It normally floods every now and then.
-Batteries are not the same here. If you need them, bring plenty with you before hand!

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