Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Today is a pretty crummy Halloween due to the hard pouring rain. Last night my roommates and I went to a Halloween party downstairs, and our way to the liquor store (we had to stock up!), the rain came down and eventually turned into a real storm of disappointment, and has continued to be the same throughout the today.

I bought myself a Crunch bar a week ago, and have now gotten around to munching on it's American chocolaty goodness. I rarely if ever purchase candy around here, because as I've said before, it's very thick and packed with tons of sugar. Especially their soft drinks, which can be very tiring after sometime. Oh, and huge note: If you buy the juice drink Mi Wadi, do note that you're supposed to add four parts water to one part juice. I learned that the hard way and ended up with a very sour expression on my face.

I've finally got my schedule for next semester done! I was originally going to tackle 18 hours, but then I found out my future roomie and good friend was taking Biology, and I decided what better than to take it now and have a study buddy? I've been wanting to get out of the way for the longest time anyhow, so now my hours are cut down to 16. My original schedule included Intro to Fiction Writing, and Improv, but those got cut out in the final drafting. I really, really want to take improv, but graduating on time is much more important. Here's what I'm taking next semester:

Theatre Forum
Intro to Philosophy of Religion
Fundamentals of Technical Production
Intro to Theatrical Design
Principles of Biology
Intro to Womens Studies

I feel like a Freshman more than I do a Senior! I guess it's because I haven't been doing my best here at UCC. I have two written exams, and despite trying to answer questions on the novels I've read, I just can't seem to understand what they're asking me to write or coming up with antiquate answers. Oh, for those of you who are not extremely fluent in the complex language of English (and I'm talking about big words like ambiguity or aesthetic ambition), do note that the questions they want you to answer are no walk in the park. Not because the answer is difficult, but the actual question is ridiculously hard to unscramble. I know that most people in college are genius or have a very wide range of knowledge beyond my very own, but it's still frustrating not being able to do this because I'm a little on the slow side. Ugh. Double ugh.

Wednesday night was a blast! UCC Dramat and all the other societies have what are called "Mystery Tourers." Usually the meeting place is at Bailey's Bar, and everyone hops on a bus to an unknown destination. The place in particular will be a pub or a club, where every drinks and has fun. Since this was for Halloween, everyone dressed up, danced to live music, played bobbing for apples (on strings), and cheered for those who won costume prizes. My first try at biting the apple on a string turned out to be unsuccessful, with the apple breaking off the string! The second time (which was more of a competition), I managed to swing the apple on my shoulder and get a slight bite on the upper part near the stem. My prize? A swig from the chilled bottle of Yeager, which I had never had before, but was most delicious. Yeager is a chilled German Liquor that should be tried once in everyone's life time. Unless you're opposed to alcohol, which is fine, too.

I learned something last night: Never push my limits with wine. At the Halloween party, everyone was playing drinking games, and I just let myself go. Normally I wouldn't, but since my apartment was upstairs, I saw it fit to have some fun. I managed to down three glasses of wine in an hour, and I ended up getting really sick. I had this happen during the summer, although at a much slower rate and with a larger alcohol content. After last nights episode, I've come to realize the importance of knowing when to stop and to be responsible. Drinking games are fun, but no one would take it too far, especially just because everyone else is doing it. They might just have a higher tolerance than you.

Guess what? I've got my K-State basketball tickets!! The sad news is I will be missing the first six games, hindering me from possibly attending the KU game. I went to every single game, and one person in my group didn't go to very many (maybe 4? or 5?), and we got seats in the second to last row. I don't even know if anyone will add me to their group, let alone have enough points to balance everything and allow us entry. Hopefully so.

Welp, I need to continue my studiousness and answer practice exam questions before the real thing on Tuesday and Wednesday. I also have to read for my voice class tomorrow, and figure out how I'm going to warm up for tomorrow's audition for Snow White. It's going to be a Pantomime show for kids. I'm not sure when the dates of performance are, however, so I might not get to do it.

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