Wednesday, December 1, 2010

O' tidings of comfort and joy!

Two days later, and I'll be on that airplane towards good ol' Paris. I'm hoping my clothes that I just washed last night dry in time for either late night Thursday or early morning Friday packing. I swear, the washer in this house is on 24/7. Other wise I would of have washed them earlier in the week.

I finally received my Victorian Literature and 19th Century America Literature essays. I didn't do so well on the Victorian paper, and ended up with 3rd year honours (D+ or C-, I think)? The English board that grades them (not just the professor, but several), said my writing was weak and had lots of errors. It didn't phase me much, because in all seriousness, I am not trained enough to write in class essays. Give me an hour, and I do poorly, but hand me an essay with at least seven hours to complete, and the final piece will be wonderfully done.

On a better note, my 19th century paper earned me second class honours, which I would say is either an A- or a high B+. Their grading scale has different "honors", so it's difficult to compare to the American scale. First year honours is the most sought after and is very challenging to obtain. Anyhow, my paper was missing some sub-thesis points, but overall it was sound. So take that 3rd year Victorian paper. I CAN do better than that!

By the way, here's a link to the grading system, as well as other information for visiting students:

I'm almost broke, but only because I just withdrew all my money for the trip. I looked at my bank account and thought: "Oh goodness. That's scary looking." But then I had to remind myself that I'm only here for two more weeks there after, and I have plenty of food left to eat. It's been nice living on my own and having to balance how much I spend. I normally end up going over, but this time around I've been able to keep myself financially stable and not spend euro on everything I see and want. It's especially hard when living in the city, and all around you there is nothing but windows packed with luxury items glaring at you with every step. It's as almost as if I'm preparing myself for the real world.

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