Monday, December 20, 2010

The most stressful day of my life.

I waited out in the Cork aiport for the full ten hours, but I never did get to Heathrow. My flight got the go ahead at 4 0'clock, but I had no connecting flights afterward, and I would have been stranded with thousands of other passengers until Christmas day just to get home. My Dad, bless his heart, went online and bought me a new plan ticket for Thursday out of Dublin. The battle is still not over, because it's supposed to snow all week and Dublin is not missing out on all the fun. I just pray that it will work out and I make it home for Christmas.

Ya know what? I almost wish I had made a 10 hour airport blog! Eventually another American student came over and asked to share the table/plug in, and I was all for it. We both sat there, letting the other person rant all they wanted and just giving each other support. The highlight of the day was when a man came over and asked if we could watch his bags. I said sure, and so he dropped off a bag and walked off. I called after him, but he ignored me. I started panicking like crazy! You don't do that in an airport, for heaven sakes, it could have been a terrorist dropping off an explosive. The situation was completely unusual, and so I called down an employee, who acted as if it was no big deal whatsoever. If it had been in America, there would of been police all over that thing! In the end, the guy came over and started laughing (my new friend went after him and asked about the bag). I had to explain to him that "where I come from, you don't do that." After it was all cleared up, I sat down again to wait for news about my flight.

After it was confirmed that I would not be going home until Thursday, I took it upon myself to find a B&B. Then I remembered the ones right across the street from UCC, so that's where I went. However, the journey was excruciating. My bus stopped at Parnell Place, and at first I had this notion that I could walk all the way over to Washington Street, but I wasn't even 1/3rd of the way there before I just wanted to break down from all the stress on my shoulders and arm. I had to pull a huge luggage bag, and a smaller one that wasn't light, either. Eventually I made it to Grand Parade, where all the Taxi drivers sit to wait for customers. I was so exhausted to the point where I couldn't even pull my luggage up to the curb. The cab driver had to get out and walk all the way around the car just so he could get them into the trunk. I probably made at least twenty short stops along the way, because it felt like I was trying to break my shoulders off, and carrying the little suitcase with one arm wasn't working out. Yeah, I'm making this all long and drawn out, but it really was a mess, especially since the streets were crowded, and I had previously bruised my upper leg while trying to get my larger bag into the storage bin under the side of the bus (it opens up like a hatch back, only on the side).

So that was my long and probably one of the worst days of my life. I really hope it only gets better from here on out now. I passed out once I hit the bed and turned on the TV. It's nice to be in Cork again, and not having to travel elsewhere just to make a flight until Wednesday night/Thursday early morning.

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