Sunday, December 19, 2010


I'm chilling out at the Cork Airport for about another 8 and a half hours. That is if my flight goes through at all. My 7:30am was canceled (I would be taking off by now!), and the next airplane won't be until 3:20pm. I'm very tempted to make a blog titled "Ten Hours at the Airport," and each entry would be listing some interesting sight seeing, odd gifts in the shop, and anyone who tries to steal my luggage. Oh, and all the tasty goodies I've stuffed into my mouth over the course of those ten hours. However, I'm too tired, and too lazy, and uncreative at this stage. So that idea is pretty much out.

I was lucky enough to find more money in my bank account than previously thought! I was also able to keep 5 of the 20 euro I had saved for the taxi, which helped paid for my subway. When my computer died, I meandered over to the Subway counter and found plug ins, so now I can use my laptop again. The airport computers cost euro, which I find rather ridiculous. Nothing, not one thing is free in Ireland. It always has a price tag on it. Want to eat in at a fast food restaurant? They charge you almost a full euro extra!

I'm eager to purchase a drink somewhere. I'm dying of thirst, and I have a sinus infection to boot. Coughing is not my favorite hobby. :/

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