Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Little last tidbits and snipets

Five days to go, almost four. The past few have been decent/disappointing. Monday I was out for 7 hours walking around while buying those last few Christmas presents with a friend, and ending my night at Boole 2 to watch Miracle on 34th Street. Yesterday I went to bed in dull aching pain that persisted for most of yesterday until I found out that Aleeve makes that sort of burning sensation go away. It's weird that it wasn't just a working out/sore muscle feeling, but as if my whole body had caught on fire. I was miserable, and it didn't help that I should of started on my four essays. :/

Today I was feeling a lot better, and this morning I started reading Sherlock Holmes for my Victorian paper. I'm hoping to get three essays out of the way by Saturday, but it's going to take a lot of effort and possibly an all nighter to get the job done. I plan on staying up pretty late tonight, sleeping at a decent hour tomorrow, and then staying up late again Friday night/Saturday morning.

My roommate Jayme is going home Friday around 4am. Then I'll be heading to the airport around 4:30am on Monday, and Jillian will be the last leave around 1pm. It'll be a bittersweet departure, but in all honesty, I am very looking forward to having my own room and a quiet house again. That is for one day, because 24 hours after I arrive in KC, I'll be heading to Utah, and I know deep down that it will be a rowdy, but fun reunion. :)

Some interesting Cork facts:
1. It's common for most teenagers and young adults to add "like" and "so" to the end of their sentences. Example: "That's grand like" or "Are we going to the store so?"
2. Grand is used a lot as well. It's very Irish!
3. Crepes are really popular. I just got one for the last time at the crepe/doughnut/ice cream stand in the mall. Lemon, sugar, and butter are a favorite, as well as nutella.
4. Jaywalking is illegal, but no one in the city upholds this rule. In fact, I've seen Garda (policeman in Irish) crossing the street before the light turned green.
5. Lots of street vendors full of food and crafts pop up every friday through Sunday in December to try and bank in on the holiday season.
6. It's not uncommon for dogs to walk around without a leash. Many of them are well behaved and stick to their owners!
7. Bacon is called rashers. An Irish breakfast is called a full fry-up.
8. Irish sharp mature cheddar. Oh so good. Go buy some!
9. There are trucks around here, but not as big as the ones at home.
10. College transcripts aren't delivered until February. :/

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