Sunday, January 2, 2011


My journey back home wasn't easy, and nearly wiped me out but I made it. On Wednesday the 22nd, I rode a cab to the bus station. From there I went on a 6 hour journey to Dubin with an hour delay due to the ice and snow. Upon my arrival, I got off the bus, grabbed my bags and went in search for a cab. The journey to the hotel across the street from the airport took about 40 minutes.

That evening I went downstairs for dinner and found out that I had checked myself into the wrong room. How I did that is a mystery, especially since my card swiped me in with no problem. Then I got up at 5am, packed what little things I had thrown around the room and headed downstairs for the shuttle. I was able to get to the airport 2 1/2 hours early, check my bags, get through security without much trouble, go through American customs in a jiffy and make my way to the gate.

I was surprised to find two girls from my apartment flying on the same airplane. So I sat next to them and waited. Thirty minutes before boarding and we hear an announcement stating that our flight is being delayed due to weather. However, nothing was happening outside. An hour later and it starts to snow! Then we're told to board quickly. That didn't work. Everyone sat there for about twenty minutes before the captain announces that we will be there until 1pm (three hours later). The airport was shut down, but it didn't matter because we couldn't get past American immigration anyways. So all we could do is sit on the airplane or get up to go to the restroom. Two and a half hours pass, and the snow stops. Then announcement comes on to say we may leave early, but low and behold the snow comes back, and we're stuck until 1pm while the snow plows are out there working. Eventually the three hours pass, but then we're told they have to plow again for another 40 minutes. Just as the plows were done, the captain tells us that it will be another twenty minutes because they have to defrost the plane! I was so frustrated. I didn't think we would get out of there that day. But just as promised, we were out of there 4 hours past scheduled time.

I had missed my connecting flights, and once I got to Newark, New Jersey, I was issued a new plane ticket for Denver. The plane was boarding in 15 minute minutes and I had to run down a very, very long pathway. It was a good thing that most of the time there was a conveyor belt to help speed things up, because I might have missed the plane. Four hours later with a crying baby sitting right behind me, and I make it to Denver. I was tired and worn out, but I was glad to be in America, and I was happy to try my first Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. As I sat at the gate, an announcement came on stating that the flight to Salt Lake was over booked, and that there would be passengers taken off the list if no one volunteered.

I got nervous. After spending time in airports and riding on airplanes for a total of 17 hours, I was not wanting to have to stay in a hotel over night. I just wanted to get it over with and see my family. Sure enough they started calling off names. Five people were called, and I was safe. I couldn't believe it, because I would of been the last passenger to receive a ticket to my knowledge. It was either an early Christmas miracle, or I got priority for missing my connecting flight. Then thirty minutes before boarding, and the same lady starts calling two more passengers. I was still safe, and I made it on that plane and straight into the arms of my dad Thursday morning at 1am.

So that's how it all ended. I was glad to have those extra days in Ireland, but I really wanted to go home for Christmas and I made it. I already miss being there, and I actually wish I could go back for a few semesters more, but one was an experience that I'll always appreciate.

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