Monday, August 23, 2010

Adventures Ahoy!

I'm usually great at stumbling upon pictures and other tidbits of information that would be helpful and fun to look at. For some strange reason, I never even bothered to explore the University College Cork website, aside from trying to find the essentials (costs of food, housing, etc). That is until the wee early hours of this morning.

I came upon the neatest thing since sliced bread: virtual tour! Now I can see the UCC first hand without an extra trip, and you can too for those who want to share my experiences:

Oh, but it gets all the more better! For all of us freshers (the term used for freshman/new comers), this website also provides videos that direct us lost lambs to the most helpful parts of campus:

That's all I've snooped up so far, but fear not, for I will continue my exploration over the next few days. :)

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